Quad Bike

Quad Bike – Sit astride ATVs are designed to be used in the most demanding situations, however their capabilities lead to much higher risks for riders.

Our LANTRA ATV courses for quad bike riders will ensure that your operators understand how to use these vehicles both safely and efficiently.

Covering weight distribution at both low and high speeds, manoeuvring on steep slopes and over a wide variety of terrain, your operators will gain a comprehensive understanding of the abilities and limitations of their machines. The course also covers towing trailers with quad bikes and loading the bikes safely and effectively and how this loading will affect their handling on different terrains.

  • LANTRA Sit-Astride (Quad Bike) ATV course

This course is designed for novice riders and those who have had no formal training. With up to 2 riders the course can be undertaken over 1 day, though if undertaken over 2 days up to 6 candidates can be accomodated.

  • LANTRA Sit-Astride ATV course for experienced riders

This course can be undertaken over 1 day with up to 4 riders who have had previous formal training.

For more information about Sit-astride ATV training, please contact us:

Email: info@alldrivertraining.com

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