Quad Bike and ATV

Quad Bike and ATV Training and LANTRA courses

Quad Bike and ATV training is essential to ensure the safety of your quad riders and ATV drivers.

These specialist machines are designed to be operated in the most demanding of conditions which are naturally dangerous. Specialist equipment means that your operators must be trained in their use under PUWER regulations.

Our LANTRA courses are designed to ensure that you and your operators are working to minimise risks and to ensure H&S compliance.

All of our LANTRA courses are run in conjunction with Off Road Training specialists – Beyond Driving who are a LANTRA Approved Training Provider.

The LANTRA Sit-astride ATV training course covers the capabilities and limitations of quad bikes. It also covers the use of trailers with quad bikes and how they affect the handling on all types of terrain.

The LANTRA Sit-in ATV training course is designed for drivers of these specialist vehicles, covering their capabilities and limitations on a variety of terrain. Courses will be geared to the specific vehicle the candidates are expected to use at work – either conventional or skid-steer ATVs.

For more information about LANTRA ATV training, please contact us:

Email: info@alldrivertraining.com

Freephone: 08000 438 437