Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving courses are essential for all 4×4 operators who are expected to use their vehicles off the public highways.

With modern vehicles becoming more and more complex, their capabilities improve, allowing drivers to get further than ever before. Our courses are designed to ensure that they can both get to where they’re going safely and efficiently, but also get back again.

LANTRA courses are approved by the Health and Safety Executive and are fully compliant with the H&SAW legislation and PUWER regulations regarding the use of specialist work equipment. Unlike many off-road training providers, UK Company Driver Training use only DSA Approved Driving Instructors who are also LANTRA trainers to ensure that your training is both legal and comprehensive.

  • LANTRA Professional Off-Road Driving 2 day course

The LANTRA 2-day Professional Off-road Driving course is recommended for all off-road drivers. This course is carried out on one of the approved LANTRA sites we work with to ensure that your operators gain experience in a variety of conditions. The course includes hill-ascents and descents, ascent failure techniques, crossing slopes and hazards, crossing water and will give your drivers a good understanding of their vehicles and how they are equipped.

  • LANTRA Professional Off-Road Driving 1 day experienced user course

The LANTRA 1-day course is designed to re-certify drivers who have previously been trained. It is also ideal for when drivers are asked to change vehicles. All 4x4s have very different equipment fitted and even experienced operators need time and training to enable them to gain new techniques in a safe environment.

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