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4x4 Off Road Driver Training LANTRA

Off-road training for 4×4 drivers is essential to ensure that your drivers are working safely and efficiently when driving off road.

Health and Safety legislation like HSAW apply differently to cars with specialist off-road capabilities such as differential locks, low-range gearboxes and systems to cope with differing terrain and hill descents. PUWER regulations are fully dealt with on all of our off-road training courses. We can also offer complete winching and recovery courses for 4×4 drivers who may need to recover their own vehicles or other equipment, compliant with both PUWER and LOLER regulations.

4×4 vehicles are also less inherently stable on-road, causing them to be involved in more incidents per vehicle than standard cars. At UK Company Driver Training we also provide specialist on-road 4×4 training, run by professional DSA registered instructors who have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your 4×4 drivers receive training which is relevant to their vehicles.

All of our LANTRA courses are run in conjunction with Off Road Training specialists – Beyond Driving who are a LANTRA Approved Training Provider.

Our LANTRA 4×4 courses are only run by DSA Approved Trainers (to ensure their legality) who are also LANTRA Approved Instructors (to ensure H&S compliance).

Our on-road 4×4 courses are designed specifically to ensure that drivers are capable of handling the added weight, height, braking and turning problems that these vehicles have.

Our LANTRA winching courses are designed specifically for 4×4 drivers and geared towards self-recovery when driving off-road.

The LANTRA Off-road trailer handling courses will enable your drivers to safely manoeuvre vehicle and trailer combinations off-road.

For more information about any of our specialist 4×4 driving courses, please contact us:

Email: info@alldrivertraining.com

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