After a Crash

Over 30% of company vehicles are involved in collisions and incidents every year and the drivers involved will often find that they change their driving style as a result – not always in positive ways.

Our Post Incident Training is designed to work with the driver, to analyse the reasons behind the collision, so that we can reduce the risk of a repeat incident. We also work with trainers who are highly trained in working with drivers whose confidence has been affected by incidents.

Working with drivers, we work to change attitudes to driving, increasing confidence and safety through simple defensive driving techniques which have a proven record of reducing occupational road risk.

After accidents, a driver is at a high risk of a repeat incident, but effective training can reduce this risk and ensure that you and your drivers are not left exposed in the future.

Incidents while driving should also trigger a re-assessment of your driving policy – we can give you the tools to do this swiftly and effectively.

If you would like our help in response to a driving incident or collision, contact us:


Freephone: 08000 438 437