Driver Training

Company Car Driver Training and Occupational Road Risk Assessments

Company Car Driver Training has become essential for all employees who are expected to drive as part of their job. All Driver Training has the largest group of fully qualified DSA registered Fleet Driver Trainers in the country.

We provide comprehensive training to back up the risk assessment process and to ensure that all drivers are working safely and efficiently.

Defensive driving courses are the baseline for all professional drivers. With proven techniques our trainers will reduce your drivers occupational road risk, reducing incidents and costs.

Our training courses can reduce the danger of losing key individuals through speeding bans and minimise corporate liability with regard to persistent speeders for whatever reason.

There are many reasons behind incidents and collisions. We will work with drivers who have had crashes in order to reduce the risk of a repeat incident.

Not just for the greens, these courses can dramatically reduce your fuel bills and because eco-driving techniques are inherently defensive then drivers road risk will also be reduced.

Many drivers no longer have the automatic entitlement to tow trailers. We provide training in preparation for the DSA Category B+E driving test and for drivers who need vocational training in order to tow trailers safely.

If you would like more information on our company car driver training courses, or if you would like us to design a bespoke training program for your drivers, please contact us:


Freephone: 08000 438 437